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Brone Candle

QTY: 1 $25.00

Brone Candle

QTY: 1 $25.00

Artisan Stories

Welcome to Uthhan

Here are some artisans stories

Abhimanyu – Terracota Category

We met with artisan families in Odisha. Among them, most of the artisan families didn't have a shed to sleep and money to send their wards to the school nor proper health facilities to look after. We met with Mr.Abhimanyu, one of the Terracotta artisans of the Batahari, Chandanpur village of Kendujhar district. His condition is worst. The grief situation of the family made us feel about the extent of the work we at UTHHAN to do. The potholes, muddy surfaces and water scarcity left us dumbstruck.

Despite big promises being made during elections, the condition of these people never changed. But it goes on being more worst every year. Abhimanyu Terracotta artisan of Bataharichandanpur, Mr.Vijay, applique artisan of Pipili

Pipili village and many more. We listened to them very carefully and tried to sort out their problems. The lack of knowledge about the latest design of handicraft works, lack of shed for the making of those products and lack of raw materials have left them isolated in grief conditions.

The artisan was stuck with poverty and hunger without a roof on their heads. Although sadly the poverty here is slowly making many craftsmen disappear from the place to form a new livelihood, they are doing a remarkable job by keeping this fascinating art alive even while their financial crisis makes it very hard for them to continue and preserve the art. The goal of UTHHAN is to make these art forms available to customers directly from these families.